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We begin the tour with 25-minute motorboat trip to Austdalsbreen (glacier in Jostedal), driving around icebergs and then up to the glacier front, with its 30 metre high terminal that descends into the lake from the Jostedalsbreen Icecap above. Towers of ice calving into the lake from the glacier front will entertain us as we reach this most remote and untouched area.

Once the boat is safely anchored, we walk up to the front of the glacier for an unforgettable glacier hike in this Norwegian wilderness, lasting approximately two hours.

Austdalsbreen (glacier) is very easy to walk on, but it is what we see while walking on the glacier that is truly amazing. Walking amongst the myriad crevasses across the front of the glacier and standing atop this natural wonder will complete the experience and give you memories to last a lifetime.

We have designed this tour for folks that are less able and young families, so don't hesitate to book this unique experience.

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NOK 750


  • Brevegen 8
  • 6871 Jostedal
970 14 370

Where is Motorboat & Glacier Tour. Austdalsbreen?