The Museum of Archaeology is in a central location in Stavanger. Their exhibitions and other activities provide knowledge and understanding of pre-historic man and the interaction between mankind and nature.

The exhibitions

The exhibitions at the Museum of Archaeology give an introduction to Rogaland's prehistory with the help of antiquities and other archaeological finds from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Viking Age and up to the end of the Middle Ages. The exhibitions show objects from the more than 11,000 years of habitation in Rogaland, one of Norway's richest archaeological fields for ancient civilisations.

Viking Voyagers

The exhibition Viking Voyagers takes you to the brutal yet fascinating Viking Age. A central part of the exhibition are the new Viking Age burials, recently found in Rogaland, containing keen-edged swords, golden buckles and brightly coloured glass beads. Classical artefacts from the Museum's collections bear witness of daring raids. Gilded, decorated Irish book clasps, beads of jet and large penannular brooches tell of voyages westward over the sea, while silver treasure troves including Arabic coins are proof of Viking expeditions to the East.

In the exhibition 'Møt Mennesket' (Meet the human), you are introduced to skeletons from the museum's collections in a dignified setting. The exhibition tells the stories that many of the skeletons have brought with them. Like the story of the 14-year-old Viste Boy, who died around 8,000 years ago. The skeleton is one of the best preserved skeletons from the Stone Age in Norway. Also six skeletons from a Bronze Age mass grave in Sola show us a severed vertebra thus telling the story of the dramatic death of a group of people who were all buried at the same time.

Café and museum shop

The café serves delicious cakes and light lunches every day from 11.00 am onwards. The museum shop makes and sells copies of selected prehistoric objects from Rogaland. It also sells toys, souvenirs and a broad range of books and journals.


Location of the Museum is 5-10 minutes/ 600 metres by foot from the city centre.

The address is Peder Klows gate 30a. From Stavanger Cathedral, choose Olav Vs street, up the hill from the Rogaland theatre, continue up Muségata and turn right at Stavanger museum. You will then see the flag of The Museum of Archaeology on your left hand.

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  • Peder Klowsgt. 30 A
  • 4002 STAVANGER
51 83 26 00


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Where is Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger?