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With our exclusive nature guiding you will get the chance to learn about glaciology, climate and the physical geography of Fjærland. You will touch on topics like Jostedalsbreen National Park, glaciers, moraines, pot holes, avalanches and deposits from a variety of natural processes. You will also get to know local history, especially connected to how close the fjord and the glaciers really are.

Arrive with your own car and meet the guide at The Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland.

Price: 980,- NOK per group (max 5 pax)

Duration: 2 hours

April - August

September and October: At request

Locations: The Norwegian Glacier Museum, Bøyabreen Glacier, Skarestad pot holes, Øygard glacier lake debris flow, Supphellebreen glacier.

Bring shoes fit for some short walking in the terrain.

Bonus: the nature guiding gives you 25% discount on tickets in The Norwegian Glacier Museum the same day!

This is a low-threshold activity for everyone who is interested in glaical phenomenas and the nature nearby.

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  • Fjærlandsfjorden 13
  • 6848 Fjærland
+47 45507718

Where is Nature guiding - Norsk Bremuseum?