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The Norwegian Red Deer Centre is a national centre of knowledge for developing deer as a resource. The Centre is organized as an idealistic foundation, and the accumulation and distribution of knowledge about wild and farmed deer are among the main tasks. The Norwegian Deer Centre is an important link between central Norwegian authorities, local management- and resource groups, landowners and the public in general.

The Centre is located on Svanøy, a beautiful island also known as the "gem of Sunnfjord" in Flora municipality. At the centre you'll find a group of deer specialists, a deer park and an information centre. The centre is acknowledged by Norwegian authorities as a Research & Development centre, and is collaborating with other institutions on a wide range of topics. In the deer park you may come in close contact with reed deer, and will learn more about them by taking part on our guided tour. You may also study the beautiful fallow deer, and on the odd occasion also other deer species. In the information centre you may attend a course and learn more about wild deer management, slaughtering techniques, deer farming and more. At the centre there is a small scale abattoir, a gourmet kitchen and unique dining and conference facilities.

The enterprise is organized with a staff of employees at Svanøy, collaborating closely with groups of deer specialists all over Norway. The Norwegian Deer centre is the place to learn more about deer, night and day – all year around!

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NOK 95


  • Kvalstad
  • 6914 Svanøybukt
57 75 21 80


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  • Summer

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