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Norsk Olivinsenter is a brand new information centre located close to "Valborgsamlinga" in Thue old scool. This centre can teach you lots about minerals like chrysolite and eclogite – and jewels like peridotite. The old mining industry in this local area has a lot of history to share with you. Looking for you own jewel? Follow the signs from Åheim sentrum to "Peridotplassen" – a picnic area where the gravel is mixed with chrysolite and eclogite.

The area has one of the world's largest deposits of the mineral Olivine. The pure gemstone in Olivine is called Peridot, and is actually mentioned in the Bible under the Hebrew name of Pitdah. Archaeologists have found valuable peridots in Alexandria, Egypt. Some think that the "emeralds" worn by Cleopatra were actually a Peridot!

The area is also rich in other minerals. In particular, the Garnet Peridotite deposit by Helgenhornsvatnet Lake has long fascinated geologists, who have found important traces of the early formation of the Earth's crust here.

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Where is Norwegian Olivine Centre (NOS)?