The Norwegian Scenic Routes are 18 selected drives through the most beautiful Norwegian nature. Two of these routes are in Hardanger, the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger, and the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda.

The Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger leads through a mighty fjord landscape. On your way, you will get close to the fjord, mountains, waterfalls, and fruit farms. The route is 158 km long and consists of four sections: Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen (road 79/49), Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd (road 49), Jondal-Utne (road 550) and Kinsarvik-Låtefoss (road 13). Between Jondal and Tørvikbygd, and between Kvanndal-Utne and Utne-Kinsarvik, the fjord must be crossed by car ferry.

A drive along the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger offers various experiences - so make sure to take your time for activities, attractions, and walks along the way. You can also add one or several overnight stays - in Hardanger, there are accommodations for every budget. Along the Norwegian Scenic Routes, you will find many unique resting places that have been created with a focus on architecture and landscape. In Hardanger, you should stop at the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, use the rest area at Herand, drive Lussandberget and make a detour to the Skjervsfossen waterfall.

If you feel for exploring the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger by bike, take the road between Jondal and Utne (road 550). There is not much car traffic, and you will come close to the fjord and the surrounding fruit farms.


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Where is Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger?

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