When you go to bed, the baker at Ostehuset goes to work! Every day Ostehuset can offer delicious, freshly baked bread and aromatic pastry from their very own bakery. No cheating, no half fabricates. There will always be fresh bread - at the most 9 different kinds. The baked products from Ostehuset has an exceptional rumour, mostly due to the baker craftsman's pride and love for the industry. Ostehuset bakes after their own recipes and a four year old yeast culture that is always brought along to the next day of opening. Ostehuset's goal is to deliver pure bread, pure bakery products, and pure food - as well as to deliver an excellent taste. It is hardly a coincidence that most of the city's restaurants buy their bread from Ostehuset. The sandwich is one of Ostehuset's signature courses. Ostehuset sells 250 sandwiches over the counter every day, and much is due to their excellent bread. Sweet tooth Ostehuset has their own pastry chef, and they can offer a large variety of pastry: the famous cheese cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, brownies, apple pie, cinnamon buns, carrot buns, croissants and pain au chocolat. Completely up to standard of French pastry. From Stavanger, Norvège. Oh la la! It is also possible to order full-size cakes as well as wedding cakes, marzipan cakes and chocolate mousse cakes on request.

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  • Ryfylkegata 30
  • 4014 Stavanger
51 86 40 10


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Where is Ostehuset Bakery and patisserie?