Join us for yoga in a storm or by calm seas. Here you can feel the power in you and around you as you stretch, strengthen and open both body and mind. With the smell of the sea and endless access to fresh air, you can breathe deeply and freely and feel your shoulders sink and your mind land in calmness and presence.

You can book outdoor yoga in Hustadvika with OM Stavika in both summer and winter - in storm or calm. Barefoot yoga in a gentle summer breeze on sun-warmed sand on endless summer days is absolutely magical. But what a kick you get when the autumn and winter gusts roar and thunder against the land! You decide the setting for your outdoor yoga class; at the hotel, at one of the spectacular locations along the Atlantic Road or at OM Stavika, which, by the way, can entice with both a pleasant hayloft and a heated storlavvo.

Duration: from 1 hour Price from NOK 350 per person/hour

Minimum 4 participants

For more information and ordering: send an email to


  • Fjøsbakken 32
  • 6443 Hustadvika
920 37 555


  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
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Where is Outdoor yoga by the Atlantic road with OmStavika?

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