The Rallarvegen track is located in the Hardangervidda area and offers a mountain-road for hikers and cyclists. The trek stretches along Haugastøl - Finse - Hallingskarvet - Myrdal - Flåm, totalling 92 km. The road is maintained as a memorial of the construction of Bergensbanen 1895-1902. The road itself, the rail, bridges, workmen's huts and guard stations are all memorials of the construction and operation of Northern Europe's highest mainline railway. The road has a total length of 95 kms including the stretch Upsete - Mjølfjell. Rallarvegen is in close proximity to the Migrant Workers' museum "Rallarmuseet" at Finse. Opening hours are dependant on the local weather conditions.


  • Hardangervidda
  • 5730 Ulvik
+47 40007199

Where is Rallarvegen in Finse?