Retiro beach and outdoor area is located approximately 2-3 km east of the center of Molde, by Tøndergård marina. The beach is an attractive swimming spot for families on hot summer days. It is arranged for a natural beach in the east, where there is sea grass and long shallows.

In the heart of the area, a bathing area has been created with a sandy beach that is deep in the middle. Here we ask parents to keep a close eye on their children, as it can be difficult to estimate how far it is to the beach due to the tide.

A large lawn provides space for many visitors who can run their own activities. It is arranged for grilling. In winter, the slopes are used for sledding for the little ones and for swimming.

  • In July, there is an open summer kiosk.
  • The area has good toilet- and good parking facilities.

How to get to Retiro

Retiro is centrally located next to the main road to the city centre. You can get here with bus line 532 which runs from the city centre. Get off at the Lubbenes bus stop and follow the road along the sea to the bathing area.

At Retiro you will also find a large car park with space for around 130 photos, as well as good bike racks for those who come on two wheels. For walkers, we would also recommend a walk through the historic Retiro Forest before you get to the bathing area. Cross the road through one of the underpasses under the road for the safest possible road crossing.

  • Note that in July there is a parking ban at night between 22.00 and 08.00.

Toilet facilities

Visitors with special needs have easy access to the area, but note that the bathing facility is not adapted for HC. The toilet is adapted for HC.

  • The toilet facility is open from 1 May and closes after the autumn holidays (week 42).


  • 6401 MOLDE
70 23 88 00


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Where is Retiro beach in Molde?