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Kjerag is one of the most beautiful and exciting places for BASE jumping in the world. Due to the efforts of the SBK BASE, the jumping has become much safer, and now Kjerag is one of the most popular places for base jump in the world.

SBK BASE has taken over more of the facilities at Lysebotn, making the campground even more jumper friendly. They invite you to come out and enjoy the peace, beauty, and excitement of Kjerag and fall in love with jumping from the cliffs, as they have.

Lysebotn is the perfect place whether you are looking to spend time relaxing by the water, hiking a challenging trail or something more extreme. The activity centre SBK BASE inform you about the activities in the Lysebotn region. In addition to base jump they offer a lot of other activities, such as cycling, water sport, climbing etc. In the shop, close to the quay, you can rent or buy equipment for the different activities.

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The activity center SBK Base in Ryfylke

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  • SBK Base , Fv500 180
  • 4127 Lysebotn
984 44 159

Where is SBK BASE in Lysebotn?