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Sjernarøy church is located at the island of Kyrkjøy, directly translated to the church island, indicating that there was an erlier church on the island prior to the current one. Documents found mention a church from 1280, however no physical remains from any stone church, suggesting that a former church was a wooden church. The current church is a timbered long church from 1647. With around 160 seats in Renaissance style. Lovely decorations where found underneath the limestone walls, hidden for years, but now revealed when found during the renovation of the church in the 1950s. The decorations have no time stamp nor the name of the artist. The altarpiece from 1950 is a replica of the altarpiece from another church, Ogna kirke. This altar piece was painted by Gottfried Hendtzschel in 1627. The pulpit is from the 1600s, and is made by Thomas Snekker, and decorated by Peter Reimers. The baptismal font is also from the 1600s. A crucifix from the Middle Ages is on the wall above the old altar table.


  • Eik
  • 4170 Sjernarøy
51 71 42 20


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Where is Sjernarøy church?