Skartveitvågen on Halsnøy is the centre of the island. Here you will find a marina and different points of interest to both locals and tourists visiting the place. For boat tourists Skartveitvågen is a very popular destination - with the season starting for Easter and continuing until early autumn. 

In Skartveitvågen you will find information about the two popular hiking trails on the island - Eikefjellet and Halsnefjellet. There are several trails to reach Eikefjellet (211 metres above sea level). The shortest alternative is around 30 - 40 minutes while the longest will keep you busy for 2 - 2,5 hours. From the summit of Eikefjellet you will find a spectacular view! Don't forget to sign your name in the book "Conquerors of Eikefjellet" at the top.  

The trip to Halsnefjellet is about 1,5 hours long. 

After the hikes you can enjoy food, drink and ice cream in Skartveitvågen.


  • Skartveitvågen
  • 4182 Skartveit
51 85 92 00

Where is Skartveitvågen?