Tour description

Upon arrival in Skorgedalen, you will find a spacious parking place at the end of the toll road (the toll road is paid for by card). At the end of the car park, you will find the ski tracks that will take you to Smørbotntind. Follow the tracks towards a bridge that crosses the river on your right-hand side. Keep to right by Fuglehaugen through an area of cabins, before continuing up the forest towards Smørbotntind.

The regular route traverses up the right edge of the mountainside and the last stretch of the mountain might be perceived a steep. When aiming for the top, many people experience that the must take off their skies and walk the last metres. This is because the top of the mountain is an area exposed to wind.

The view is neverless impeccable and the southwest-facing mountainside offers afternoon sun on clear days. The most popular descent is down the wide mountain side, while there are other options depending on snow and weather conditions, as well as your skill level.

Close to Smørbotntind you will also fin Rauma ski centre, the popular summit Skarven and the DNT cabin "Skorgedalsbu".

Ski touring tips

We always recommend having a guide with you when ski touring in Romsdalen. This is for your own safety. In addition, the guides know where to find the best snow and they will adapt the route to your skill level. Several of the guides are authorized IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV mountain guides, the highest education in mountaineering of international standard. Look for the NORTIND authorization at the guide companies.

Practical information

Always familiarize yourself with the avalanche forecast for Romsdal here: ​​​​​ Tour map: Romsdalsfjella, Tour map. Scale 1:80 000 Recommended tour book with accompanying map: "Ski touring in Romsdalen" og "Kart til Skifører" by Halvor Hagen. Maps and books can be bought in the local bookstore Romsdal Libris in Åndalsnes and at Norsk Tindesenter.


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Where is Skitouring to Smørbotntind (1188 moh) in Romsdalen?

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