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After having walked past the Heltne farm, only a few hundred meters from our starting point, we get a good view of the Luster fjord (Lusterfjorden) and the village of Skjolden. This view only gets better and better as we work our way upward.

We pass the mountain farm Flaten. The name means a flat piece of land. The former owner moved out in 1976, and the farm has been abandoned since then.

Further up we look down on Skåri, another mountain farm with many old buildings. (Close to the top of the mountain there is a summer mountain farm bearing the same name.) Skåri is an old farm and has had many owners. Before 1757 Skåri was a tenants farm. In the early 20th century there were 11 children on the small mountain farm. After 1960 there has been no farming here. From 1974 to 1993 the farm was uninhabited. In 1993 a new road was built and new owners moved in. In 2000 a new owner took over the farm, and started to restore and rebuild the many buildings on the farm. Of the four farms in this area only Skåri is now inhabited. The others are only used as summer homes.

At an altitude of 370 m a.s.l. we reach the Rebni farm. The name is connected to a bird, the raven (Ravenfield). Across the valley from Rebni the mountain summer farms of Persli, Gurosete and Osen are visible. Rebni and Skåri have their nearest mountain summer farm at Rebnisli, the destination of our walk.

Further up the mountainside there are other summer farms called Skåri, and Myrasete. The 300 000 volt power line from Fardal to Fortun crosses Rebnisli.

From Rebnisli, one can continue on the path to Skåri and from there on to the top of Bolstadnosi (also called Gjerseggnosi ) at 1000 m a.s.l. with a wonderful view of the Luster fjord.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting walk.


  • Bolstadvegen 8-19
  • 6876 Skjolden

Where is Skjolden - Rebni - Rebnisli?