How about a mountain hike when you are first in Sogndal? Pack your backpack with a drinking bottle, packed lunch, chocolate and tie on good shoes. Then you are ready for a trip! A recommendation is to walk from Sogndal Sentrum, but if you have a car you can drive up to Åberge or Navarsete and park the car there. The trip continues up towards Hølsete and further towards Nuken. Then two options:

1) Path leading north in the direction of Hafslo, then back to the top of Nuken. This trail has a mostly gentle climb. 2) Newly marked route straight up the hill from Hølsete. The sign at the end of the forest road. the path passes by a high voltage mast in the middle between Hølsete and Nuken (Often wet, a little rough).

There is a paved road from Sogndal center up to Åberge, and from Åberge there is a gravel road (toll road) in steep terrain all the way up to Hølsete.

You can also go to Hølsete, eat your packed lunch there and go down the same road again.

Read more about the trip here:

Start: Sogndal center, or Åberge Trip time: 5- 6 hours (total) Elevation difference: 0 - 260 - 919 m Map (hiking map) Sogndal-Leikanger Season: April / May - September / October


  • Hovevegen
  • 6856 Sogndal


Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)

Where is Sogndal-Åberge-Nuken?