This beautiful 2-days-hike is a must for visitors of the Stølsheimen nature preserve! Route: Bjergane – Selhamar - Åsedalen – Rapen – Selhamar Bjergane-Selhamar: ca. 2 hours Selhamar-Åsedalen: 4-5 hours Åsedalen-Bjergane: 4-5 hours Total hiking time: 2-3 days Total length: ca. 36 km Elevation asl./gradient: From 885 m to 1060 m Transportation: By car from Vik or Voss on the Rv13 up to Vikafjellet, take off in westerly direction on dirt road towards lake Kvilesteinsvatnet. Toll road (50 NOK). Or bus from Vik or Voss (Route 23-503), go off at Skjelingen and walk on the dirt road to Bjergane. More information: Free car park at Bjergane.Driving distances to Bjergane: From Voss 53 km, from Vik 32 km, from Bergen 150 km Accommodation: This hike can be recommended with two overnight stays in the tourist lodges Selhamar and Åsedalen. Information about the tourist lodges in Stølsheimen: From Bjergane the track follows the valley Raudbergdalen to the cultural monument Gryteberget, where people in former times carved their bowls of soap stone directly out of the bedrock, a few unfinished bowls still remaining. From there it is not far to the provisioned tourist lodge Selhamar. From Selhamar, follow the signs in Northern direction to Åsedalen. The path takes you around the red mountain Raudberg and along several nice lakes, like Rappavatnet, Geitdalsvatnet and finally Hallsetvatnet with the mountain summer farm Halsetdalen. From there, the path leads on along the lake to the provisioned tourist lodge Åsedalen at 800 m asl. From the tourist lodge the track goes up the valley and then leaves it via Grautaleitet, climbing up to 1060 m. The mountain summer farm Rappen can be reached either by taking the high path between the mountain tops Killingdalseggi and Jørendalseggi or by taking the lower route via the valley Dyredalen (not marked, but path clearly visible) and along the lake Store Rappavatnet. From Rappen, signs lead you back to Bjergane. Fishing permission is required for the lakes. Available at toll road pay point at Skjelingen, at the tourist lodges and at Gamle Trevaren in Vik. Be prepared for all kinds of weather, and never go hiking alone! Maps: Hiking Map 1:50.000 Vik Municipality Hiking Map 1:100.000 Stølsheimen Topographic map 1:50.000 1316 IV Myrkdalen Topographic map 1:50.000 1216 I Eksingadalen Closest Tourist Offices: Vik Tourist Information, Tel. +47 57 69 56 86, Voss Tourist Information, Tel.: +47 40617700, ,


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