Stølsheimen nature preserve was established in 1990 and stretches from the Sognefjord up to high mountain areas at 1200 to 1300 m asl. In the North, the steep slopes up from the fjord are covered by dens deciduous forests, which lead into a hilly mountainous area with numerous valleys, basins, streams and lakes. A landmark is the mountain Raudberget which distinguishes itself from the surroundings by its red colour. The name Stølsheimen comes from the Norwegian word „støl" which means mountain summer farm. More than 40 mountain summer farms remind us of a time, when mountain summer farming still was an important part of farm life by the Sognefjord. Today, the mountain summer farms are not in use anymore, but you still can meet herds of cows around these farms. Stølsheimen is excellent for hiking (and skiing in winter)! The hiking association Bergen Turlag has established a network of marked hiking paths in the area, that are very suitable for families with children.

Find your trip at  The lakes are good for fishing. Fishing licenses can be bought at Gamle Trevaren in Vik, opposite the Tourist Information. The Tourist office sells hiking maps. How to get there: Via road Rv13 by bus or car. From Skjelingen, a dirt road leads to Bjergane where there is a car park. You can also reach Stølsheimen via Modalen (car park at Stølsdammen), Arnafjord or by boat via Finden and Finnabotn (public transport with MS Sylvarnes or on request private boat transport organised by Findebotten Gjestehus). Accommodation: Several cabins run by Bergen Turlag, or stay at Findebotten Gjestehus.


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Where is Stølsheimen Nature Preserve?