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Surfing course at Boretunet

Jæren is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, Jæren is also known for having some of the country's best surfing spots. Since Boretunet is only a hundred meters from Borestranden, it is so wonderfully easy to put on a suit, go down to the sea and enjoy a day in the water. Who is the surfing course suitable for? Surfing courses are just as suitable for the family as for the group of friends. Children who can swim very often have a good experience. Boretunet's instructors are professional and considerate and the course is according to your level. They focus on small and medium-sized groups to keep safety, experience and quality at the level it should be.

What is ISA and why are the instructors approved by this body?

The International Surfing Association has its certification system for instructors. This is so that there will be training with set requirements to ensure the quality of the right level of safety for the instructors. This means that Boretunet relates to guidelines on the number of people per instructor and that the instructors have the knowledge and experience needed to keep surfing courses safe.

How does a course work?

You start by changing into a wetsuit, some wear swimwear under the suit, others have underwear, and many wear nothing under the suit. After you have changed, you go down to the beach together. At the beach, you have a safety review following a simple theory training. After this, it is time to get to know the water and experience what it is like to be pushed by the waves. The instructors will of course help you. Then it's time to learn a little more on the beach about how to get up and stand on the board. This should then be put into practice in the water again.

How long does the course take?

The actual surfing course takes two hours, but with a change to a wetsuit and the trip down to the beach, three hours are counted. After the course is over, you are free to use the equipment for as long as you want to try your luck at the board. 

What do you need to bring with you to the course?

It is recommended to bring sunscreen to apply before the course begins. At the beach, you only need the board (supplied) and possibly some drinking water if desired. After the course, you take off the wetsuit and then it is practical to have a towel to dry yourself with.

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NOK 790


  • Strender på Jæren/ The beaches of Jæren, Borestranda 481
  • 4354 Voll


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