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There is something special about Surnadalsøra. Here, where the river, fjord, forest and mountains meet in a lush symphony with rich flora and fauna, people have lived for generations. There is a lot of tradition and rural history that is connected to the old trading place Surnadalsøra.

Today, there are not many shops left, but Øra is known for its art environment. In the old Surnadal Billag or Brannstasjonen as it was in recent years, it has now become an art center with many art exhibitions, concerts and revue performances. The old "Strandagården" is today used as accommodation for art students and artists who exhibit at Surnadal Billag.

In the old Samvirkelaget is Surna Arts and Crafts. Here, ceramicist Marianne Fjærvik has her workshop where she produces ceramics with the brand «Amfora Design».

You will also find a restaurant with accommodation on Surnadalsøra. Hammerstuene is located with a great view from the dining room over the river and the sea.

Every year, "Øramartnan" is also arranged, where the old village center comes to life, with trade, music, food and dancing.


    • Surnadalsøra
    • 6652 Surna
    70 23 88 00


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    Where is Surnadalsøra - old village center?