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The island of Svanøy has been a meeting point along this stretch of coast ever since the viking ages. Svanøy Hovudgård is the island's main estate. It was owned by Bjørgvin bishop until the Reformation, upon which it became crown lands until 1662 and then a dairy farm. Hans Thiis Nagel, bailiff for Sunnfjord and Nordfjord, made major changes to the farm in the 18th century. Then, in 1804, the followers of Hans Nielsen Hauge moved in and enlarged the farm, and it has remained unchanged since. The buildings were listed in 1924 and a special foundation was set up to restore the buildings in 1972. Directly opposite the main farm is a graveyard with its large stone cross, dating back to ca. 1000 and one of four featuring runes in Norway. The last church on Svanøy was dismantled in 1872.


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  • 6914 Svanøybukt

Where is Svanøy Estate Manor House?