The route is very popular, due to the combination of beautiful views and family-friendly terrain. Many visitors plan their trip around the opening hours of Svinvik's arboretum and combine the experience with a stroll around the garden and a visit to the cafe.

The oldest road winds high up on the hillside and shows you road conditions that would be unthinkable today. Halfway through the journey, you can take a detour to Kammen, where you will have a view towards Todalsfjella and out to the fjord. The trip is 4.6 km, and the climb is a total of 120 metres. This is a simple round trip that is rated easy.

How to get there

The trip starts in the parking lot at the top of the road at Svinvik's arboretum. From here, there is a sign leading into the forest and the path continues along the mountain side. This is the oldest rural road towards Todalen. There is a bit of a climb in the first stretch, then flat and downhill. On the descent, the road becomes a gravel road that leads up to Hjellnes. Follow this down to the old road (paved) to Todalen. Turn right and follow this road along the sea back to Svinvika.


  • 6640 KVANNE
70 23 88 00


Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • 4.5km

Where is Svinvikrunden hiking path?

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