About hiking destination

Syltnebba is an accessible hiking goal in Surnadal. The tour starts at the ski center, where you can either choose to follow the road on the side of the piste, or go up the slopes.
Follow the dirt road you will come to the old ski lodge that was the base for many Easter ski race and other social activities in the "old" days. Behind the ski lodge follow the marked trail up to the top.
The tour is not particularly long, it fits well as an afternoon for the family or as a route for those who want a pulse jump in everyday life.
It is quite steep and wet climate you should wear goretex - shoes. Although top not spot high is it good wiew. You see many of the tops of Trollheimen and the fjords aswell.


  • Svartvassvegen 1
  • 6650 SURNADAL
47 71 65 71 00

Where is Syltnebba i Surnadal (667 moh)?