The fort was operational from March 1943 and equipped with five 12.2 cm guns with a range of 21 km. Below the fort was a command post for two gun turrets that guarded the approaches to Skudeneshavn. Crew quarters type R 655 are only found at Syre, and nowhere else in Norway. The fort is well concealed in the terrain.

Today visitors can enter the command bunker, and from the 13 cm lookout slit you can see all the way from Haugesund to Stavanger.

TIME TRAVEL With the Time Travel app you can go exploring and see scenes unfold in the cultural landscape. Here you will find stories that give an insight into eras, historical events and the origins of myths. In the film here at Syreneset Fort you get an experience of civilians' encounter with the occupation.

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  • Kråkebergvegen 10
  • 4280 Skudeneshavn
+ 47 52 85 00 00


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Where is Syreneset Fort?