To the west of the highest point ("Høgste Breakulen") of the main Jostedal Glacier - 1957 metres above sea level - the Bergsetbre glacier forms an impressive icefall down to the valley of Krundalen below. People approaching the glacier on foot are struck by this amazing 1400-metre-high wall of ice. There is indeed a striking contrast between the fertile valley and the massive ice wall. If you go by car to the hamlet of Bergset and park your car there, it takes an hour to walk in to the glacier. This is an easy hike along a relatively flat path, thus making it ideal for families with children. The local glacier guide Normann Kjærvik writes in his book "Fjell" (Mountains): when I was a glacier guide on the neighbouring Nigardsbreen glacier, I always tried to tempt tourists to the other side of the mountain of Hauganosi to the valley of Krundalen and the Bergsetbre glacier. I thought it would be a pity to drive the long way to the Jostedalen valley without getting a chance to see the jewel in the crown, as it were - the Bergsetbre glacier.


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Where is The Bergsetbreen Glacier, Jostedal/ Luster?