Lyngheisenteret is beautifully situated with Lurefjorden on one side and the main sea route to and from Bergen on the other, in the historic coastal landscape of Lindås, Nordhordland. Here you can totally relax, enjoy the amazing view over fjord and mountains and be served locally inspired homemade dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients in our restaurant. Maintained and easy to follow paths out in the heathland give a refreshing breath of fresh air, you can also watch a film, visit our exhibition or the farms located within easy walking distance of Lyngheisenteret. Whilst out exploring there is every chance of seeing both sea eagles and the local wild sheep. We are also able to offer cycle and fishing rod rental.

Lyngheisenteret was opened by Queen Sonja in 2000 and today is the only location in Europe where you can experience authentic heathland still maintained by local farmers, and that is also able to welcome visits from the public. It is a living museum within the Museum Centre of Hordaland group and has the responsibility of conveying Western Norwegian coastal culture as well as preserving the heathlands. The Information centre has a restaurant, meeting room, auditorium and museum shop.

In 2001 Lyngheisenteret received the cultural landscape prize from UNESCO for work with protecting the cultural landscape. In 2005 it was given the Europa Nostra cultural landscape prize 'for its pioneering role in the protection of authentic heathland, and the maintenance of its biological diversity and traditional knowledge'.

How to get to Lyngheisenteret on Lygra:

Lyngheisenteret can be reached by scheduled boat or bus services or by private car/bus.

Boat: There is an express boat service in the morning and afternoon from Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen – see A not to be missed 40 minutes boat trip with a 10 – 15 minutes easy walk up to Lyngheisenteret from the quay is an ideal start to your visit to Lygra. If you are looking for something a bit special, a veteran steam ship stops by four Sundays in the summer, see A memorable day trip for all.

Car: It takes about one hour to drive from Bergen to Lygra and about 30 minutes from Knarvik. Follow the E39 road north from Bergen and after two long bridges, turn left at the roundabout just before the town of Knarvik. Continue on towards Leirvåg along Mongstadvegen (RV57). After two short tunnels, turn left at Seim and follow the signs to Lyngheisenteret. The distance from Seim is 16km. For a pleasant alternative and ideal circular tour, take the FV404 road on your return journey via Alversund.

Buss: There are public bus services, routes 311-313, from Bergen via Knarvik to the nearest bus stop to Lyngheisenteret known as «Lygra Snuplass». From here, it is an easy 10 minute walk to Lyngheisenteret. For timetables, (note, the bus stop name remains the same in both languages).

Accommodation: We have two delightful options for an overnight stay here on Lygra. Both Magnusgarden and Lygra Gjestegard offer comfortable accommodation and a complete getaway.

For groups and events:

The information building at Lyngheisenteret offers three different rooms for events:

Matstova: • 100 m2 • For dinner: maximum 80 people at a long table • For concerts, lectures etc. (chairs only, no tables) maximum 150 people

Meeting room: • 55 m2 • Chairs and tables, maximum 30 people • Only chairs, maximum 60 people

Auditorium: • 110 m2. About 50 m2 on the floor down by the canvas. • 49 fixed seats (most with small folding table) • Space for about 20 empty chairs + possible to sit on stairs on each side.

There have about 150 chairs in total.

Source: Visit Bergen


From April 3 to September 30



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  • 5912 Seim
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