The National Park Farm at Buer is Odda's gateway to Folgefonna National Park. As an ideal starting point for trips to both Buarbreen and Reinanuten, Buer has been a popular destination as long as it has been tourists in Hardanger.

The hikes to Buerbreen and Reinanuten are spectacular, but you do not need to go further than the National Park Farm for a good experience. It is indeed an attraction in itself. At the farm, you will meet highland sheep, sheep, and chickens. There are tables and benches set up for resting several places on the farm.

The parking availability is good and costs NOK 185 - regardless of the length of the stop.

The hike to Buerbreen is about a three hour long round trip. The path goes through a varied landscape with several lush rivers and a suspension bridge. In the steeper sections, it is a rope to hold on to. This is not a regular mountain hike, but an active and exciting route.

The hike to Reinanuten is a day trip 1,000  meters above sea level. There is a steep start until you get over the tree line. Then the landscape opens up and you get a fantastic view. On Reinanuten itself you get very close to Buarbreen. The sight when the valley cracks up the ice and forms a castle with towers of ice, is spectacular.


  • Buer
  • 5750 Odda


    Level of difficulty:
    • Easy (green)
    • Summer

    Where is The National Park Farm?