The trip follows the northern side of the fjord through the communities of Blakset, Fjelli, Randabygd/Hopland, Hennebygda and Lote (38 km). Start 6 km from the centre of Stryn, on road 613. After Lote you end up in the nice village Nordfjordeid.

The Panorama road has taken its name from the fantastic views it affords of the fjord. The altitude above sea level varies from 0 to approx 550 m. Particulary good viewpoints are at Nordsida church, Nos and Kvalen.

On the route you can also take in the culture trails at Ulvedal and at Hammer – the Tvinnefoss waterfall, and other historic attractions.

Drive the same road back, or return via road 15 along Lake Hornindalsvatnet.

Source: Nordfjord

    Where is The panoramic road?