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Join the tour and hear the woman behind Tingvoll Sider tell about the history, the processing from apple to finished product in the bottle, and taste the noble drops in the orchard at Strupstad. You can see the production premises, the side cellar, greenhouse, apple orchard and the farm sale will be opened for you.

Guided tours and side tasting are both for individuals and groups and take approximately 1.5 hours, but can be tailored as desired.

The story of Tingvoll Sider

Tingvoll Sider started up in 2020, but has already won world cup medals for its cider. Goals and dreams are bigger than volume at Strupstad, and the focus is on making exclusive drinks of high quality rather than becoming the biggest. Experiments are carried out with different types of yeast, fruits, apple varieties and berries and plants found in the local area. When you live in the Tingvoll Eco-Community, sustainability is an important principle, which is reflected in both cultivation and the construction of production and buildings.

The taste of summer

The apples are grown without the use of unnecessary pesticides and ripen slowly in the long, bright summer nights in Nordmøre, which gives apples with a good and clean taste. The old varieties that thrive in the climate north of the traditional fruit districts in Norway, are planted together with grafted trees that have been bred from twigs from old apple and pear trees on the property and from neighboring gardens. These apples will give the cider from Strupstad its unique character. There is a tradition of growing fruit in the area, and many of the good, old varieties from when the owners great-grandfather was a farmer are grafted and the apples further processed into cider and apple cider.

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Where is Tingvoll Sider?