Visit and taste the worlds best cheeze! In 2016 the blue cheeze, Kraftkar won this prestigious award. Familiy run farm dairy renowned for their award winning white- and blue cheeses made from the farm's own cow's milk.

Tingvollost produces six types of white- and blue cheeses from pasteurized cow's milk from their own farm. Both the farm and the dairy is run by a family of four generations.

From the farm shop you can see the cheese making every day. Our shop offers a range of local produce (we take VISA/Mastercard).

Outside you can visit our cows. They all have names. Facilitated for families with children with toys, seating and WC. We want our visitors to enjoy!


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  • Saghaug Gard
  • 6629 Torjulvågen
461 64 000

Where is Tingvollost farm shop?