Through the second half of the 19th century, Odda became one of the most widely renowned tourist destinations in Norway. The wild nature attracted the tourists, and many had a wish to see Folgefonna Glacier up close. In the summer of 1896 Bergen Mountain Touring Association and The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association initiated the construction of a riding path up Tokheimslia. Since the opening of the riding path 6 July 1902 the path has been called Turistvegen - The Tourist Path. The tourists were guided across the Folgefonna Glacier from Tokheim and Sunndal. During the years of 2000 and 2001 The Tourist Path was restored. Along the old route across the glacier, you will find three cabins open for the public: Holmaskjera, Fonnabu and Breidablikk. Folgefonna Glacier is the 3rd largest glacier in Norway, covering 220 km². The glacier reaches 1662 metres above sea level. We hope you will enjoy your trip to Folgefonna Glacier. Wear suitable shoes and warm clothing! Follow the marked out routes! Odda Tourist Office in the town centre can put you in touch with a certified glacial guide.

The hike across the glacier should only be done together with a glacier guide. You should not attempt to do the crossing on your own.  Please take care of and protect the environment!


  • Tokheim
  • 5750 Odda


  • 14km
Level of difficulty:
  • Expert (black)
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park?

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