From Strømvik allotment garden, you walk along lake Hillevågsvatnet and up the stairs, Abelstrappene. At Storhaug allé, you pass the ancient gravemound «storhaugen» that once gave name to this district. Continue downhill Jelsabakken and along Nymansveien and further through green lungs up towards Varden (57 m.a.s.l.) where the view is formidable before continuing behind the sports hall, Storhaughallen, and along Ramsvik allotment gardens, and consequently through Rosenli and over Egeland's ancient fields.

Down by Breivik, the landscape changes, and you follow the hiking trail that winds its way along the Gandsfjord. You walk through Mydland's vineyard where you can enjoy the holiday feeling at Emmaus. Breathe in the freedom and explore the magnificent views towards Ryfylke, look for ramsons (wild garlic) at Ramsvik, and visit the mini arboretum at Godalen and Stavanger's first open-air bath. It's like being far away but close at the same time.

The hike is not available for prams at the stairs of Abelstrappa or by foot from Rosenli and up to Egelandsmarka. If you have a pram, at the stairs, Abelstrappa, you can choose to walk via Frue terrasse, Hjelmelandsgata and Niels Abelsgate, while at Rosenli you can use Egelandsveien.


  • Strømvik kolonihage, Strømvikveien 1
  • 4005 Stavanger
51 85 92 00


  • Short (0.5-3h)
  • 7.9km
Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
  • Path
  • Asphalt
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter

Where is Vardenturen hike in Stavanger?