Hole Hytteutleige - Grinddalssætra - Vinsåshornet - Grinddalssætra- Hole Hytteutleige

The walks gives a superb panorama view of the Geirangerfjord.

Route description:

Our walk takes off from Hole Hytteutleige in the upper part part of the Geiranger community. Parking space may be scarce, please ask the cabin staff for advice.
You head off on the gravel road toward Vesterås, but turn to the right on a tractor road just after passing the cabin cluster at Hole. The road branches off at a gate, and you turn right. Follow the gravel road. After a few turns a sign points left to Holebakk. If you pick this route you can also see the Holebakk farm and a memorial plaque from the snow slide in 1907, which took 10 lives.

Count on 45 minutes on the gravel road before you get to a very good trail. A few vantage points have steep cliffs facing the river from Vesteråsdalen.
The walk to Grinddalssætra will take another 45 minutes, and from the steep hillsides in Geiranger you now come to an idyllic, flat mountain valley! So far a fine trip for families with children. At the dairy farm site a signpost shows names and altitudes of nearby summits.

Here you may take off towards Vinsåshornet, the distinct summit south of the head of the valley end. You follow the path uphill from the summer farm. Cross the river on a solid bridge after ca. 500 meters. Marked tour route diagonally up the valley towards low point of the ridge leads to Vinsåshornet. Along the route you may see remnants of "bogestøer" (archers`hides) and reindeer traps. From the pass you follow the ridge northwest towards the summit itself (1343 m.a.s.l). Here is a panorama view of the Geirangerfjord!

A more demanding summit route runs at the front of Vinsåshornet. It is marked as well, but the trail is not always too distinct. Rock climbing part of the way. This route calls for experienced people!

(Source: Opptur Geirangerfjorden)


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Where is Vinsåshornet?