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Complete overview of stations for Sørtoget, Jærbanen and the Arendal route

Go-Ahead also provides a connection to Arendal from Nelaug station if you're headed that way. The local train Jærbanen follows the same route as the Sørlandsbanen from Stavanger to Egersund. Find a complete overview of the stations where the train stops here.

Upgrade your seat with Sørtoget

Your journey on Sørtoget begins as soon as you board. You have the option to upgrade your seat to "Ekstra," which offers that little extra comfort. On selected departures, you can also book "Hvile," a reclining chair that can be tilted down 45 degrees and is very comfortable. On board, you can also visit the café carriage, which offers a wide selection of food and beverages. Enjoy your meal in the café or take it back to your seat.

Go-Ahead offers flexible travel options

Go-Ahead offers train travel around the clock. Whether you're an early bird who wants to enjoy the scenery through the train window or prefer to sleep your way to your destination on the night train in your very own sleeping compartment with two beds. You can choose to have the compartment to yourself or share it with another person in your travel party.

Seat reservation and baggage rules with Go-Ahead

Get clarity on Go-Ahead's ticket benefits, including seat reservation and three pieces of luggage with a maximum total weight of 30kg. Plan your journey with all the necessary information.

Linjelangs - a sustainable experience with Go-Ahead

For groups and businesses, you can hire a private carriage on board with Go-Ahead, for a smooth and pleasant start to your next kick-off or company outing. Watch a film about the offer.

Travelling with children?

If you're travelling with children, you can book a spot in our family carriage. There's plenty of room for a stroller, a changing table in the restroom, and a playroom with various entertainment options. If you choose not to use the carriage during the journey, you can bring it along as regular baggage. You can easily book a spot in the carriage via the website and app by selecting "Family" under the category.

Easy ticket booking with recommended apps

It is recommended that you as a traveller download the Go Ahead app (applies to the entire train route including the Jærbanen) or the Kolumbus app (applies only to the Jærbanen) to buy tickets for the trains. There are also ticket machines at selected stations (period tickets cannot be bought at these).

Serviced ticket sales at Stavanger Station with Entur

In addition, Go-Ahead's partner Entur has a ticket office at the Stavanger Station.

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Price from: Adult ticket between Stavanger and Egersund:
NOK 112
Price from: Adult ticket between Stavanger and Kristiansand:
NOK 613
Price from: Adult ticket between Stavanger and Oslo:
NOK 1,197


  • Jernbaneveien 3
  • 4005 Stavanger



Where is Train journeys on the Sørlandsbanen and Jærbanen?