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The Rauma Railway runs between Åndalsnes and Dombås all year round. The train ride takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The Rauma Railway correspond to the Dovre Railway running between Oslo and Trondheim. Rauma Railway is the gateway to Møre og Romsdal by train.

A ticket at the Rauma Railway gives you a unique opportunity to get close to one of the most spectacular nature areas Norway has to offer. When you are already in Møre og Romsdal, we recommend booking a train ride from Åndalsnes to Bjorli or Lesja, a fantastic trip from the fjord to the high mountain landscape through beautiful Romsdalen.

The train carriages on the Rauma line are modern and comfortable. There is air conditioning to give you a comfortable journey. The train also has a toilet and wheelchair lift.

Stops along the Rauma Railway

  • Åndalsnes
  • Bjorli
  • Lesjaverk
  • Lesja
  • Dombås

Attractions along the Rauma Railway

If you get off the train at Bjorli station you can visit Bjorli ski center in the winter and the outdoor climbing park “Høyt & Lavt” in summer - a fun activity for the whole family. Take the train to Bjorli in the morning and travel back to Åndalsnes with the afternoon train - a great day trip where you combine sightseeing on the railway with skiing or climbing.

At Lesja station you can visit Lesja Bygdemuseum and Lesja Church. A unique historical journey into Norwegian rural culture and an insight into Reinheimen National Park. Open in summer.

  • Height difference on the Rauma line: 655 meters
  • Length: 114 km
  • Tunnels: 6, including the 1340-meter long Stavem reversing tunnel
  • Bridges: 32 including well-known Kylling bridge
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Where is Raumabanen from Oslo and Trondheim to Åndalsnes all year round?