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In Innerdalen, 'Norway's most beautiful valley,' the Kristiansund and Nordmøre Tourist Association have some of the country's most stunning tourist cabins. Innerdalshytta consists of Nyhytta, Gammelhytta, and Låven. The cabin is open with staff from June 23rd to August 31st.

  • Nyhytta, the main cabin, has nine twin rooms. Toilets and showers in the hallway. It is serviced from June to September. A three-course dinner is served daily. During breakfast you can pack a packed lunch and fill the thermos.
  • Gammelhytta is self-catered and open all year round.
  • The barn has been restored and is well suited for winter use. Gammelhytta is from 1893. It has been called one of the country's most beautiful tourist cabins.
  • Dogs and their owners have designated dog rooms. There are 2 rooms in the 'Gammelhytta' and one room in the 'Låven

Food and drink

During the summer season, it is possible to purchase food at 'Nyhytta'. Traditional Norwegian food is offered, such as Rømmegrøt (a sour cream porridge), meatballs, and many other delicacies. For breakfast, you have the option to pack a lunch packet and fill your thermos. A 3-course lunch is served daily for the cabin guests. For day tourists, waffles are served with the famous Sunndal porridge. Other food is also offered.

Nature and hiking

Innerdalen is known for its beautiful nature and offers many good hiking opportunities. The most famous is 'Innerdalstårnet,' this majestic tower stands prominently above the valley. The mountains in Innerdalen have long been known among climbers and many still come to the valley for this reason.

Additionally, there are many possible hiking routes in or to Innerdalen if one wishes to use the DNT trail network. There are marked paths to Todalshytta, Kårvatn, Bårdsgården, and Eiriksvollen. Other activities are also possible around Innerdalen, such as trout fishing, hiking on various trails in the valley, rowing, or canoeing. Boats can be rented at the Innerdalshytta.

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  • Innerdalen
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