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The houses have the following names: Olsenhuset, Røbekkhuset, Molonaustet and Holtenhuset each hinting to the names of the families which resided in these houses in the past!

There is a short and charming walking distance between the houses.


Veiholmen is equally beautiful on a sunny summer day as on a stormy day during the Spring- and Autumn season. The ambiance in the village is including and social, and it is very easy to get in touch with the locals! A small “hi” will start the conversation….

A guided tour around the village is highly recommended: in this way guests really get the place under their skin and understand the place and the people who live and have lived at this outpost much better. Likewise, a guided kayak tour around the archipelago with thousands of islands and ilets, rowing a traditional vikingboat, a Seaeaglesafari og a ribtour around the island are other highly recommended activities while visiting Veiholmen.

Olsens Pensjonat and Guesthouses

The Olsens Pensjonat have 4 guesthouses and a restaurant in the old boathouse called Restaurant Langbordet in OlsenNaustet where well known chefs from Kristiansund are in charge.

The Guesthouses are all decorated with a combination of old and new, with maritime, royal and historical decorative elements thrown in to create a unique setting in each house!

There is always something to rest ones eyes on.

Since these are old fishermen’s houses, there are 2 bathrooms in each house to share, in other words: no bedroom has its own bathroom and one has to share in true hostel style.

The houses are self-catered and the kitchen in each house is well equipped to meet most cooking skills.

With new beds and embracing bedlinen and duvets one sleeps well here to the sound of the ocean in the distance.

Olsens Pensjonat and Guesthouses wants to contribute to sustainable tourism and we therefore urge our guests to spend at least 2 nights once at Veiholmen in 3 of their 4 guesthouses. Only Olsenhuset will accept guests wanting to stay only one night, but most guests stay 2 nights there too!

Restaurant OlsenNaustet

Restaurant OlsenNaustet. This restaurant is open every day in the summer season and on occasion throughout the year.

Olsens Pensjonat

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Kitchen facilities:

Where is Olsens Guesthouse - 3 guesthouses at Veiholmen?