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Authentic mountain farm life

Renndølsetra in Innerdalen, open during school holidays from around 16 June to 20 August and weekends until the end of September, offers a unique summer farm experience. This traditional farm, just a 3 km hike from the parking area, invites you to stay in charming rooms with full board, surrounded by extraordinary nature. The Opdøl family has been moving animals to the farm in Innerdalen, west in Trollheimen, every summer since 1740. Read more about the summer pasture farm hotel >>

Accommodation at Renndølsetra

With 20 beds spread across cosy rooms, Renndølsetra provides sound sleep and homemade breakfast. Rooms range from 2 to 6 beds, and cots are available on request. Facilities include an outhouse, shower, and drying room, as well as the option to prepare a packed lunch after breakfast. Renndølsetra also offers tent pitches by the river for those who prefer outdoor life. In winter, it's possible to stay in Nybua, an insulated annex with comfortable bedrooms.

Food and drink at the farm

Dinner is served for staying guests at 6:30 PM each evening. Additionally, Renndølsetra has an open farm café for day visitors. Here, you can enjoy local products like sour cream, butter, and yogurt made from milk from free-roaming cows. Renndølsetra is famous for its particularly good waffles made from cow's milk. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls, porridge, and various beverages are also available.

Renndølsetra has been awarded the Norwegian Cultural Heritage quality mark 'Olavsrosa' for its holistic operation.

Innerdalstårnet and Trollheimen

Renndølsetra is an excellent starting point for mountain hikes, where Innerdalstårnet and Renndalskammen are popular destinations. Innerdalen is Norway's first landscape conservation area and is rightfully called Norway's most beautiful valley.

Innerdalen is approximately a 3-hour drive from Trondheim and Ålesund.

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  • Innerdalen
  • 6620 Ålvundeid
+47 716 97 796


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