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You can find Runde Panorama on the spectacular bird island of Runde, located in Herøy, Møre og Romsdal. The cabins are carefully situated in the terrain and have limited direct visibility to each other. Here, you have everything you need for a stay at the edge of the sea. On the terrace, you can enjoy the sunset after a day of experiences. It's beautiful all year round: summer with great hikes on the island or in a boat at sea, and winter in front of the fireplace with the big ocean beneath the cabins. Here, you can truly feel the weather! Always remember to check the weather forecasts before heading out on a trip, and feel free to ask the hosts for some good recommendations.

Runde Panorama consists of 9 luxurious cabins, each with its own name tied to one or more stories from the island.

About the cabins

  • Cabin I: "Ocean Blue" is as close to the open sea as you can get
  • Cabin II: "Batavia Dream" has its roots in the history of the "Akerendam" and points towards the shipwreck at Kvalneset
  • Cabin III: "Highlight View" is situated with a fantastic view of Langeneset lighthouse, Flø, and Harøya
  • Cabin IV: "Ørneredet" is within walking distance of Langeneset lighthouse, where the sea eagle has one of its lookout points
  • Cabin V: "Castillio Negro" originates from the legend of "the invincible fortress" from the Spanish Armada
  • Cabin VI: "Eden" gets its name from the bird species, Eider Duck (Somateria Mollisima)
  • Cabin VII: "Østen Pilot" has a double meaning, related both to the pilot history of Runde and the direction the Akerendam sailed before it sank at Kvalneset
  • Cabin VIII: "Trollvogga" is named after the world-famous rock formation located at the southern end of Rundefjellet
  • Cabin IX: "Pulcinella" (Pulcinella Di Mare) means puffin in Italian

Activities on Runde

The island offers several activities and experiences to make your stay unique. At Runde Environmental Center/Opplev Runde, you can book guided experiences or tours, including guided boat trips around the island or bird safaris on the mountain and in Lundeura. Here, you'll also find various exhibitions, including the exhibition of the world-famous Runde Treasure, which originates from the Dutch ship "Akerendam" that sank off the island in 1725.

Christineborg Guesthouse is located "next door" to Runde Panorama, where you can purchase breakfast and dine in the restaurant.

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  • Langneset 26
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