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Stavanger Turistforening has entered into a long-term lease agreement for Songedalen Mountain Farm and has renovated the old mountain farm to become a unique and atmospheric accommodation. Bring your mountain bike and cycle to this extraordinary place surrounded by wilderness and birch forests. In the old days, Songedalen Mountain Farm was considered a large farm. Songesanden was known as a mountain farm because it was located 330 meters above sea level and far from people. The sea route was long and difficult, so it's not surprising that it was challenging to keep users staying there. The farm was already closed down in 1902 and sold as grazing land for sheep and cattle from other districts. The cabin is equipped with everything you need for cooking and stay: kitchen utensils, tableware, and bed linen. There is no electricity, but there is gas, wood heating, and candlelight. Guests are responsible for cooking, fetching water, dishwashing, floor cleaning, as well as cleaning the cabin inside and outside. Sleeping bags or bed sheets should be used in the beds, depending on the season—sleeping bags in winter and bed sheets in summer. Service level: Self-service Number of beds: 19 beds Opening hours: All year round Key: Unlocked The cabin must be pre-booked. As a member of Stavanger Turistforening, you receive approximately a 30% discount on cabin rentals.


+47 51 84 02 00


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Where is Songedalen fjellgard?