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Fitjar municipality is situated in the northwest of Sunnhordland in Vestland county. Most of the municipality lies to the north of the island of Stord.

Historical Fitjar

Håkonarparken park, with the statue of King Håkon the Good, is situated in the centre of Fitjar. It was here that King Håkon died in in 961, in the battle against the three sons of Eric Bloodaxe. To discover more about the history of Fitjar, follow the cultural heritage trail that starts in the centre of the park.

The Fitjar islands, Fitjarfjella mountain and Kråkopeninsular

Kayaking around the islands of Fitjar is very popular and where you might just find your paddling paradise! The Kråko peninsular is home to holiday cabins beside the sea and a recreation area with a cafe, soap factory and local brewery.

Accommodation in Fitjar

You’ll sleep well in Fitjar whether you stay in a hotel, go camping, or stay in your boat at the guest harbour.

Fitjar is not far from Bergen and there is a ferry connection between Sandvikvåg and Halhjem. The airport at Sørstokken is about a 20-minute drive away.

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