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Skånevik is close to the Åkrafjord, in Etne municipality. When you arrive in Skånevik, you will be quickly charmed by the lovely wooden houses lining the pretty streets in the centre. A stroll around the village is highly recommended. The charming village centre has a bakery, museum and shops.

Blues Village

Skånevik is known as the Blues Village, and the Skånevik Blues Festival is held here every summer. National and international names are on the programme during the several days in July when the festival is held.

The Pippi Festival, a popular children’s and family festival, also takes place here over a long weekend in July every year.

Fjordhotell and Peparen

The Skånevik Fjordhotell is also in the heart of the village. The Fjordhotell offers dining and accommodation, and is happy to help you celebrate special occasions. Just opposite the hotel is the tiny island of Peparen. You can walk across a bridge to the island from the village centre. There are various facilities here, such as benches, tables and swimming areas.
It’s a lovely place to spend some time.

Skånevik is also a great starting point for trips to the mountains. From the historic postal road between Skånevik and Etne, there are views of Etne, Skånevik and panoramic views of Ulvanosa mountain in Kvinnherad.

Getting to Skånevik

There is a ferry quay and express boat quay in the centre of the village. Ferries run to Skånevik from Matre and Utåker. The express boat also calls in at Skånevik, as well as Fjelberg, Sunde, Ranavik and Leirvik. There are connections from here to Flesland and Bergen. You can also get here by bus.

If you are in your own boat, there is a marina at Skånevik.

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