Våge is the commercial hub of Tysnes. There are shops, restaurants and a ferry quay here – all at the water’s edge. For example, Mandelhuset is the place to enjoy culinary treats. Mandelhuset offers great food and wonderful cultural experiences.

If you’re an art lover and find yourself in Våge, Elisabeth G’s summer gallery is the obvious place to visit.

The Tysnesfest Festival is held here in July every year. Most of the events organised over the several days of this July festival are either in Våge or within walking distance of the village.

It’s not far from Våge to hiking trails, activities, historic sites, beaches and almost everything else that might be on your wish list!

Marina and boathouse

Våge Marina is very popular, with its services and ultra-modern mooring facilities. There is a playground which is open to the public, and the boathouse provides tourist information.

Haaheim Gaard farm, a magical place for special occasions, is only a few minutes’ drive from Våge. It offers accommodation, cultural experiences, dining and conference facilities.

What to do in and around Våge

Route review Flatråkervassdraget 31km

The cycling trip to Flatråkervassdraget starts in the coastal village of Våge and takes you through wooded areas and along sparkling lakes. You cycle through short avenues of sweet-scented pine trees and through huddled farm clusters with buildings right by the road. Every turn in the road and every plain will tempt you to stop and enjoy the picturesque scene and the peace and quiet. You will more or less have the road all to yourself. Grazing animals, the wind blowing though the treetops and the noise of your wheels on the tarmac are the only sounds you'll hear. Starts at the ferry quay at Våge. After about 350 metres, turn right at the crossroads on the Rv 49 road towards Hodnanes and Stord. Follow the Rv 49 road south to Flatråker, where you come to a crossroads that will take you east along the Flatråkervassdraget river. At this point, you will have cycled 13.4 km. You follow the only tarmac road along the river. You pass Midtvatnet lake and then come to Nordbustadvatnet lake after a while, where you cycle along the east side. The road now climbs approx. 71 metres up to an altitude of 144 metres. From here, there are excellent views of Nordbustadvatnet lake and down the valley. After a further 8.2 km, you return to the Rv 49 road at Holma, where you turn right at the crossroads and follow the Rv road back to your starting point at Våge. On this stretch of the route, you pass the municipal centre Uggdal where you can take a detour down to the bathing spot at Kjevikjo to cool down. The route has a total length of 31.24 km and a total altitude difference of 509 metres. The highest point on the route is 144 metres, which you come to after 21 km.

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