The adventure playground is waiting for you

The Fjord Norway region is an absolute playground for the active traveller, with great nature and terrain for hiking, kayaking, skiing, climbing, rafting, and all other activities. You can experience local culture, heritage, and rich history dating back to when the Vikings set sail from these shores.

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik -

Inspired by seasons and nature

The Fjord Norway region is beautifully located on the coast, with the fjords stretching into the land, steep mountains, and small villages and farms along the fjords. There are charming coastal cities – with a great cultural offering, and they provide international airports with good connections to Europe and overseas. The climate is mild with defined seasons, which makes every season a new experience for visitors. The seasons are important for us, and we live in harmony with the seasons – where the cuisine, traditions, and activities are adapted to the different seasons.

The diversity of adventures in the Fjord Norway nature is driven by the great variations in the four seasons. Photo: Håvard Nesbø

Ålesund: A sustainable fjord adventure capital

A compact destination with deep UNESCO world heritage fjords framed by steep mountains. A thousand islands and skerries, and the art noveau town of Ålesund situated in the middle of this perfect playground for adventures in the northwestern part of Fjord Norway, right on the treshold of the Atlantic Ocean.

A destination where sustainability is more than a buzz word and where ferries and ships are turning into zero-or low emission vessels, like the brand new ships of Havila Kystruten, sailing into the Geirangerfjord and Hjørundfjord so silent that you can hear the birds sing on the shores.

Nordfjord: From summer to winter in minutes

Sout of Ålesund, Sunnmøre & Geiranger, Nordfjord lies between the largest mainland glacier in Europe and Norway`s westernmost Atlantic cliff. With spectacular nature as a starting point, the area is filled with multi-adventures.

Within the same day you can go glacier hiking on several thousand-year-old ice and glide smoothly across an emerald-green lake or explore the fjord or wrestle the open sea in a kayak. The mountains in Nordfjord tower up to heights of 2,000 meters, and there are innumerable summit tour options. Some of the area’s most spectacular mountains are found in and around Jostedalsbreen National Park, but also the hikes at the typical coastal landscape with the white sandy beaches at the coast is a fantastic option.

Scenic Via Ferrata in Loen. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
Explore the autumn in Nordfjord

Sognefjord: Winter viking style - pure nature

Hugin is located 280 meters laying all by it self above the Sognefjord. Where the Norse expression is inspired by the Norwegian stave churches Urnes and Borgund. It has been put a lot of effort into carvings and artistic design to create the right atmosphere. When walking around, you feel you are set back in to the Norse and Viking culture one thousand years ago.

Hugin is an unique one of a kind 25 square meters, has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a gas-driven stove and cooking tops, a coffee machine, and everything you need of kitchen utensils. And located on the hill side with a view over Kaupanger and the most spectacular part of the Sognefjord.

Ramnereiret. Photo: Tore Lie, Falkeblikk Film Production

Here you experience the same view as our ancestors did. Kaupanger was a large and important trading center in the Viking Age.

If you combine your stay with kayak trips or RIB trips on the Sognefjord, you get to see the area as the Vikings did.

Did you know that in winter, huge numbers of deer move away from the high mountains and spread to the edges of Kaupanger's deep forests in order to survive the winter? You can see this unique interaction between animals and nature even if you join a deer safari.

And did we mention the hiking possibilities? All over with or without snowshoes.

Voss: The extreme village in the fjords

When visiting Voss, located in the heart of Fjord Norway - prepare to be amazed by the contrasts. One moment it`s all about the adrenaline and amazing activities, the next about relaxing in the finest of natural landscapes. Throughout the year Voss offers a large assortment of activities that you can choose from.

Voss is not only known as the extrems sports capital of the world. The village is a destination for all nature explorers. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik.

Voss has a playful and varied landscape - perfect for skiing. You can find fantastic off-piste slopes both in the ski centers and in the mountainsides close to the village.

White water rafting is one of the most popular activities in Voss.

White water raftig is nature´s own roller coaster. Raundalselva is blue and crystal clear, visited by kayak padlers from all over the world. With a guide and large and steady rafting boats, the river is accessible for everyone.

Where the fjords meet the ocean - coastal adventures on the fjord coast

As many people think of the fjords as steep mountain sides, glaciers, waterfalls and narrow fjord arms, they seem to forget that the coast is an important part of the fjord landscape. The Fjord Coast offers spectacular and rought adventures in the autumn, with rough weather and bright contrasts.

Solund is an eldorado for kayaking. With thousands of islands, islets and skerries in beautiful, untouched nature, Solund give you some of the best kayak experience Norway has to offer. Join in on a coastal-paddle tour from Hardbakke. Experience the charming fishing villages and a unique geology from your kayak. Maybe you´ll see the sea eagle when you are out paddling.

Paddling in Solund. Photo: Magnus Roaldset/Fjord Norway

When you visit Solund a kayak tour is the best way to explore the landscape, following the tracks of thousands of fishermen and -woman who has always used the water as the main road. Our guide will help you managing the kayak and equipment if needed , before taking you out on the water showing you some typical examples of the rich coastal culture in the area. During this tour you will learn about local history, geology and wildlife.

Hardangerfjord: The trolls tongue and the blue ice

The fjord landscape was formed through thousands of years, as the glaciers has carved through the landscape during several ice ages. The world famous Trolltunga mountain formation, or the Trolls Tongue, is a result of this process. Fjord Norway still has some pieces of the ice age left - in our glaciers.

Tourists have come from all corners of the world to Hardanger for hundreds of years. One can choose between several iconic and well-known attractions here in the region. Still, Trolltunga sails forward as one of the most recognized - if not the most famous icon in Hardanger and Norway. Here you'll get a unique experience you do not get anywhere else. The feeling when standing on the tip of the tongue, floating 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet while glimpsing the Folgefonna glacier in the background, is difficult to describe in words. It is one of those things you simply must experience for yourself.

Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures offer guided day excursions as well as hikes with an overnight stay in their mountain camp. You are ensured a safe and memorable experience. Do you want a more challenging adventure? The Trolltunga Via Ferrata combines regular hiking, cycling and rock climbing!

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, is the very core of the Folgefonna National Park. The Folgefonn Glacier has been a popular attraction and a “reason to go” since the mid-19th century when international tourists came to Hardanger. The interest in the glacier has not diminished over the years. Today, several suppliers offer exciting activities for the whole family on and around the glacier. How about exploring crevasses and ice that is several thousand years old? The Folgefonni Glacier Team offers guided glacier hikes on the Juklavass glacier, a part of the Folgefonna - an experience that you will remember! The guided glacier hikes are suitable for everyone between 7 and 80 years of age; they will always be adapted to the participants’ skills and wishes.

At the glacier there is also one the world’s most popular summer ski resorts, the FONNA Glacier Ski Resort. Here you will find alpine-ski trails for the whole family, a freestyle park, cross-country ski trails, and opportunities for snowshoeing. Experience summer in Winter-Wonderland and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view over the glacier, the Hardangerfjord, and the North Sea - 1450 meters above sea level.

Calm down & unwind

Get away from the big city life, calm down and unwind. Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge is located on the southwest part of Karmøy, only a few meters away from the harsh North Sea. On a small peninsula we have four cabins/bungalows and a main building, where you can experience all the moods of the ocean, from roaring storms to glassy mornings.

We love this area and want the world to experience it as well. We offer accommodation and can tailor customized vacations with a broad range of local nature experiences including, surfing, guided stand up paddle boarding around the coast, bouldering, hiking, fishing, bonfire sessions and more.

The rural surrounding makes Skaarnesheimen a perfect place to relax and log off for a while.