Tverrlihytta was built the summer of 1999, and is the second last cabin on the southern part of the Fjord Route. It was opened autumn 1999. The cabin was built with funds from - among others - the Olav Thon Foundation and was completed through voluntary work by members of Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association and other volunteers. The cabin is located in the mountains between Bæverdalen and Valsøybotn. It is freely situated with a beautiful view to the south. It is easily accessible with a marked trail from Sæterbø in Bæverdalen in the south, and there is also a marked trail from Valsøybotn in the north. Fishing possibilities in the area, i.e. Tverrlitjønna and Langvatnet. Bathing spots at the stream from Tverrlitjønna. The terrain around the cabin is ideal for skiing activities during winter. Tverrlihytta is well suited for families with children.Marked trails along the Fjord Route from Hardbakkhytta in the east and Jutulbu in the west. The cabin is nice as the first accomodation on a weekend trip going along the trail Valsøybotn-Tverrlihytta-Hardbakkhytta-Valsøybotn.Total amount of beds: 21 - 12 in bedrooms, 6 on loft and 3 extra places in the living room. The cabin is self-serviced and open all year.


  • 6644 Bæverfjord
71 67 69 37


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