People came here from the Agder tracts, from Lysebotn and farms and hamlets along the Lysefjord, meeting people from Frafjord and Dirdal and other places.

The towns of Sandnes and Stavanger are only a short distance away, by road or sea. The ferry across the Høgsfjord, which departs ever half-hour during the daytime, takes just 8 minutes. The express ferry from Stavanger to Lysebotn calls at Forsand on its way into the Lysefjord. In the summer the tourist ferry from Forsand also calls at a number of interesting, humble destinations en route to Lysebotn. Anouth tour worth taking is the scenic drive across the mountains to Sirdal and Setesdal, and back to Forsand. (Take the Lauvvik–Oanes ferry.)

The Lysefjord is the most characteristic fjord in Rogaland County, and it is easy to sea why it's such a magnet for tourists. The famous Preikestolen towers a sheer 600 metres above the fjord. Kjerag rises even higher, to a full thousand metres, making it one of the world's most attractive sites for base-jumping. Throughout the mountains and heathlands of Forsand there are well-marked trails. During the summer, visitors can join guided walks to Kjerag.

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