Welcome to BesteBakken and an overnight stay you will never forget. At BesteBakken you can check in at Glashuset, which is fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. There is room for 2 guests in the glass house.

Guests can choose whether they want food downstairs in the main house or upstairs by themselves. BesteBakken is not too far from the ski resort Sogn Skisenter where visitors can sail home on skis if they want. You can live in the glass house all year round.

It is not a "mirror house", although in some cases it may look like this. That's why BesteBakken has hung up curtains that can be pulled up. In the bathroom, however, no one can look inside. Here you do not have to worry about both curious visitors and alpacas when taking a shower.

The price tag for staying overnight in the glass houses, with alpacas outside, is 3900 kroner per night for two people.

The first alpaca came to BesteBakken in 2009. Since the animals come from Andesfjella, they tolerate cold winters in the Sognefjord. They are also happy on hot summer days, especially as newly shaved.

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NOK 3,900


  • Mobakken 20
  • 6869 Hafslo
+47 90168449

Where is Sleep with alpaccas, BesteBakken?