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The Glacier Bus goes daily from Sogndal to the Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal (19.06 - 20:08)

This trip goes from Sogndal to Jostedalen, with Breheimsenteret glacier center and the Nigardsbreen glacier. In Jostedalen you come close to the glacier and the mighty landscape in the national park. 

Along the route, the bus passes a number of small fjord communities like Hafslo, Solvorn and Marifjøra. From Gaupne the bus drives through the spectacular Jostedalen Valley. At Breheimsenteret glacier center you will find a tourist information, a lunch restaurant and you can learn about the Jostedalen glacier and the national park, and about glaciology and the climate. 


Sogndal Skysstasjon        08:35 

Galden                                08:51

Solvorn Ferjekai                08:35

Galden                                08:40

Hafslo                                 08:55

Marifjøra Kryss                  09:10 

Gaupne                               09:1

Jostedal                              09:45

Breheimsenteret                09:55

Nigardsbreen                     10:05




Nigardsbreen                    16:55

Breheimsenteret               17:00

Jostedal                             17:10

Gaupne                              17:45

Marifjøra Kryss                 17:48

Hafslo                                18:05

Galden                               18:10

Solvorn Ferjekai               18:15 

Sogndal Skysstasjon       18:35

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