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Dahmsgård is a small and intimate seafood restaurant on the isle Utsira. The restaurant is open all year round. But they do travel to the mainland, so do check on facebook if they are open, and do book a table!  Nearly every day, except Sunday, it is possible to order dinner in the evening. Dahmsgård restaurant opens the door and the kitchen whether you are on your own or with several people. But do remember, pre-order: send sms to +47 986 61 981 or message on facebook. They will send you a reply if it is possible and what they can prepare for you. Dahmsgård organize food talks with tasty bites about the seaweeds & the sea that surrounds our island. For opening hours, see Facebook.

Daniella and Hans welcomes you to Dahmsgård!

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  • Utsiraveien 90
  • 5547 Utsira
+ 47 986 61 981


Local produce:

Where is Dahmsgård Utsira?