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The ferry sails twice a day towards Selje from the quay in Bergen city centre. Most of those on board are local coastal inhabitants heading north along the coast. The boat soon starts calling at beautiful harbours where passengers hop on and hop off like it's the most natural thing in the world. The few tourists who boarded at Bergen that morning are guaranteed a day trip that shows Western Norway in all its maritime splendour – and close contact with friendly locals.

After passing Alverstraumen, Gulen and the charming guest harbour Skjerjehamn, the boat crosses the inlet to the Sognefjord. The mouth of this enormous fjord that winds its way far into the heart of Norway is one of the highlights of the journey. Thousands of islands and skerries are scattered around the mouth of the fjord. The landscape is no longer characterised by the fjord and the mighty mountains , but by the sea and sky. The landscape is light and open, the currents swirl between islets and islands, and occasionally a fisherman greets the captain of the ferry.

Into the heavens at Alden

Just north of the mouth of the Sognefjord is Solund, Norway's westernmost municipality, a haven for island hopping, adventures through the sparse vegetation, and incredible bike rides. If you stay on the express boat until the ferry calls at Rysjedalsvika, the national romantic Hyllestad and the road along the Dalsfjord lie open for cycling adventures. You will also see Lihesten, a characteristic mountain with a hiking trail all the way to the top.

If you continue to Askvoll, a number of unique nature experiences await you. Far out in the open ocean are the island communities of Atløy, Værlandet and Bulandet. Between these islands is Alden, a giant rock of an island that rises almost 500 meters from the glistening sea. A RIB-boat tour can take you to Alden where you can climb the mountain that ascends straight up from the sea. It's a unique experience that promises panoramic views of the coastal landscape, fjords and inland mountains.

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The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord by bike

Summit trips that will take your breath away!

Florø, Bremanger and Nordfjord

As you continue north on the express boat, there’s more time to take in the coastal landscape, which is both impressive and full of contrasts. After Askvoll you will arrive at Florø, Norway's westernmost town and offering everything you might need. This is the perfect starting point for day trips to the islands of Hovden, Svanøy or Kinn, famous for the beautiful Kinnakyrkja stone church, which dates from the 12th century. If you fall in love with the coastal scenery around Florø, there are excellent hotels and a myriad of exciting walks with historical monuments and all the fresh Western Norwegian nature you could possible imagine.

It's only a short boat ride from Florø to Smørhamn and the border to Nordfjord, a region that extends all the way from the coast to Stryn and Loen, with Jostedalsbreen National Park in the distance. There’s a bus service from Smørhamn to Kalvåg – the best preserved traditional fishing village in Western Norway – where you can enjoy fresh fish and shellfish straight from the fishing dock. There are a number of excellent guided tours that start in Kalvåg, whether you want to explore the mountains, go on a kayak tour or on a fishing trip with good chances of a big catch. From Kalvåg and Bremanger, it’s easy to get to Europe's highest sea cliff, home of Hornelen Via Ferrata. The three climbing routes Ørnelia, Hekseveggen and Olavsruta (all-day) take you over 840 metres straight up from the fjord's waters.

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Stormy Måløy and Stadlandet

If you want to continue north on the ferry, there is no end to the attractions even after the mouth of the Nordfjord. At the heart of the stunning municipality of Vågsøy is the municipal centre Måløy, where you can visit one of Norway's finest sand beaches: Refviksanden. In strong winds, the ocean at Maløy is a ferocious sight, with towering waves and sea foam that drifts as one with the horizon. Spending a stormy autumn night at Kråkenes lighthouse will leave you with tales to tell your grandchildren, either when you get home or in 50 years’ time!

The last stop on the express route from Bergen is the town of Selje, the administrative centre of Selje municipality and the Stadlandet peninsula. The club-shaped peninsula extends into the sea to Stad - Norway's westernmost point and a recurring place in the history of stormy shipwrecks. Stadlandet is almost never calm. When the waves are big, the small villages on the exposed sides of the mountains are often full of surfers that come from all over the world.

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Stadlandet not only has nature, but also culture and history. Just a short boat ride from the centre of Selje is the 11th-century Selja Monastery, built in stone by Benedictine monks and dedicated to Saint Sunniva. The boat trip to the monastery corresponds with the express boat from Bergen.

Accommodation and places to eat:

How to get to the Fjord Coast and Nordfjord:

The journey starts in Bergen, which is easy to reach by plane, ferry or train.

There are many international services that operate into Bergen Flesland Airport via Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Frankfurt, and there are also many direct flights into the region from a range of European cities. There are numerous domestic routes to and from Bergen, and many daily flights from Oslo. You can find more information about direct routes here:

You can travel by ferry from Denmark, where Fjordline's routes operate services directly from Hirtshals.

If you would prefer to travel by train, you can take the Bergen line from Oslo.

There is an express boat from Bergen that goes along the coast, with services operating throughout the year. It's also possible to break your journey and visit different places along the way.

Norled's express boats M/S Frøya, Njord, Vingtor and Torving operate two daily departures, northbound from Bergen city centre and southbound from Selje. There is only one departure per day each way during weekends. Tickets can be purchased when boarding, at the express boat terminal or at The journey from Bergen to Selje takes about five hours.

If you would like to take an alternative route back, why not rent an electric camper van?

Discover the fjords in autumn

Fjord Norway is like a fairy tale in autumn, with the autumnal colours of the trees and vegetation reflected in the fjord, a dusting of snow on the mountain tops and bracing air. Some outdoor activities are best experienced in autumn, and if the sun isn’t shining? Spend time indoors and delve into our cultural history.

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